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Princess Peach VS Princess Zelda
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The 40th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, rapping against the Hylian royal magician, Princess Zelda. It was released March 27th, 2014.


Vic Porter as Princess Zelda and Princess Peach


Princess Peach:Edit

It's the number one Peach, killing beats and breaking hearts,

So hot, I've got fuckers crashing their Mario Karts!

The Mainstay damsel, but I'm never stressin',

I'll drop an elf bitch like my real game is Tekken!

I'm trippin' off of Toadstools, 'cause we do it real big,

You're robbing from the cradle messing with that little elf kid!

I'm such a lady, fight with grace to combat you,

So don't take it personal when Peach bitch slaps you!

Princess Zelda:Edit

Oh look, it's Goldiocks, all grown up now,

I love your pink dress, excuse me while I go throw up now!

Recognize, I'm part of Hyrule's royal bloodline,

And bitches just be hating 'cause they're mad that I'm dumb fine!

Oracles of Seasons, Winter to Summer,

And you can hate on Link, but you're dating a plumber!

I'm unique and amazing, you're standard, like missionary!

Check the main title of my game, bitch, I'm Legendary!

Princess Peach:Edit

I may look sweet, but I'll flip the switch real quick,

Bitches talking shit get hit with a high kick!

I'll take off my gloves and show you how this princess gets down,

Nintendo's leading lady, crack your skull with my gold crown!

Long blonde hair and a frame like an hourglass,

I can have all the guys in the Mushroom Kingdom kick your ass!

You'll rule for awhile, but my reign will be endless,

You're an emo vampire, a Twilight Princess!

Princess Zelda:Edit

Anyway you slice it, I still come out the winner,

An hourglass figure, but you wish you were thinner!

You're like an old-school, I don't know, wannabe Barbie!

And those plumber brothers tag-teamed you and called it Mario Party!

The Triforce of Wisdom, but still shining on you all night,

Magical Abilities, but still cut you in a sword fight!

I'll dress myself as Sheik, so tell your Mushroom friends goodbye!

I'll put a bitch to sleep and call that shit Zelda's Lullaby!

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