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Nightcrawler VS Nightwing
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The 39th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features X-Men's teleporting mutant Nightcrawler rapping against Batman's ex-sidekick, Nightwing. It was released March 14th, 2014.


Vic Porter as Nightcrawler and Nightwing



It's the ruler of the night, shadow of the Marvel universe,

So try to keep up, while I'm teleporting through this verse!

A mutant, so I'm working with superhuman agility,

While swinging on a rope is the greatest of your abilities!

Wait, you used to be a bird, right? Ah, how very masculine,

Ashamed of your identity, though, judging from the mask you're in!

A wannabe Spiderman, but you're simply Dick,

A little lost puppy, I'll call you The Nightbitch!


Alright, first things first, Kurt. Man to "X-Man",

You're mouthing off to Grayson? I'll give you the backhand,

You're calling me a puppy, but you're the one with paws,

Are you related to the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz?

I don't just swing on ropes, nah, I'm highly acrobatic,

Your teleporting style is nothing more than sporatic,

Someone get this cat a sandwhich, he's looking paper thin,

They put a DC heavy hitter versus a Marvel slim jim!


Hail Mary full of grace, but I must smite this heathen,

I tried to turn the other cheek, but he's given me a reason,

I see the bleakness, and murder's my weakness,

Prepare yourself, Robin, it's bird-hunting season!

But I guess it's far to late for preparations,

Since somebody already killed off the other Flying Graysons!

Last thing you see is yellow, look deep into my isis,

I represent your true Infinite Crisis!


Robin died long ago, along with my patience,

I'll freestyle your death, I don't need to preparations,

You'll always be a circus clown, a blue jack in the box,

And you're a true "Ex-Man", they cut off your blue rocks!

All jokes aside though, I bet it's got you feeling flat,

Don't worry, I'll satisfy Marvel Girl and Shadow Cat!

Calling me a bird, but you're the one who's singing swan songs,

Crawl back into the sewer you undoubtably came from!

Who Won?

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