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The 38th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features Sega's fast mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, rapping against Nintendo's Italian hero, Mario. It was released March 1st, 2014.


Vic Porter as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario


Sonic the Hedgehog:Edit

It's the third time around for the Sonic sensation,

The number one topic of the conversation,

You're going up against royalty,

You're a rip-off of Chef Boyardee,

I'm too quick, and I'm way too agile,

You're too fat, slow, and fragile,

Stock is rising, your's is falling,

Get outta here, there's a toilet calling!


Its'a Mario, don't call me fat, I'll exterminate this sewer rat,

I'll crush him like a Goomba, leave this porcupine laying flat!

Slow and steady wins the race, I'll take a dump in Sega's face,

Your console died a lonely death, your legacy is just disgrace!

Way back since 8-bits, I've been bustin' bricks with bare fists,

Check the record books, I make hits. Simply put, I'm the greatest!

I'm the father of the platform, the name is etched in history,

The Sega and the Sonic story all will be a mystery!

Sonic the Hedgehog:Edit

Alright pops, props for trying,

But get busy living or get busy dying,

Always stood on my own two,

I never needed a console, how 'bout you?

Genesis, Game Gear, on to the Dreamcast,

Never been a loser, I adapt and I'm too fast,

Lyrically, physically, I am superior,

Biting your Peach off while you're trying to marry her!

Vacate the area, this is my Zone,

Sending this Guido plumber home,

Rings in my pockets, Emeralds in my bank account,

You've just got coins, so there's no mistake about,

Who is the greatest and who is in second,

As far as Nintendo, that shit is irrelevent,

About to hit your off switch,

This was game, set, loss, bitch!


In the game since '81, this plumber's done it all,

Why don't you check my coin count, I'll show you how to ball!

I doubt the Princess Peach would have let you lay your hands on,

We all see your package, 'cause you don't have any pants on!

The mustache monarch of Mushroom Manor,

Can't tell if you rap fast or it's just a stammer!

We're swimming in the green, just look at Luigi's clothes!

Don't ever fuck with the Mario Bros!

Who Won?

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