Playstation 4 VS Xbox One 2
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PS4 VS XBOX ONE Rap Battle PT01:23

PS4 VS XBOX ONE Rap Battle PT.2

The 36th installment, 2013 Christmas Short, and final battle of the Season 2 Extension of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features a rematch between Sony's new Playstation 4 and Microsoft's console, the Xbox One. Nintendo's new console, the Wii U, raps as third party. It was uploaded December 25th, 2013.


Vic Porter as Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U


Xbox One:Edit

It's Generation 8, we're battling for a legacy,

You steppin' to the plate with all the hate is simply jealousy!

I'm Live and I'm Gold, just check the subscription,

The Pharoh of next gen, like an Egyptian!

Sure, your price tag's a little lower, my apologies,

For stepping up the game and raising the level of quality,

Maybe you may have took the battle, but the war's all mine,

Fuck sales, you're ending up in the return line!

Playstation 4:Edit

Listen you overgrown clone! Bitch and moan all day,

I'll dunk on you a second time like a 2K replay!

You've made it to the Killzone, I've got a knack for murdering flows!

I send my foes home, unplugging all these consoles!

I'm an assassin, assassination is natural, you prick!

I'm more powerful while you're shitting power bricks!

I already have iPlayer, killing shit no hitch,

This battle's over, I'm out, 'cause my Greatness Awaits, bitch!

Wii U:Edit

Hang on, when is it my turn?

I've got a bundle for just 299, and I'm a legend, when will they learn?

It's all about Nintendo, show me some love!

I was pumping out games before you twins were even thought of!

I'm backwards compatable, games from the first Wii,

I'm from a royal liniage, you both wanna be me!

Zelda, Megaman, Super Mario,

Iconic heroes, the real king of the consoles!

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