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The 32nd installment and Season 2 Finale of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features Season 1's wall-crawling hero, Spiderman, versus Season 2's invincible assassin Deadpool. It was uploaded September 27th, 2013.


Vic (TIS) as Spiderman and Deadpool



Look, I already told you that I'M the Amazing,

You're challenging me? OK, now I KNOW that you're crazy,

The Web-slinging, wall-crawling, King has returned,

And I'll toast you again like your skin's been burned!

I'm throwing haymakers in the first round,

By the end, they'll all say "Man, that's where the Dead Drowned!"

In the high-rising flow of a greater opponent,

And the Marvel Crown- I don't lease it, I OWN it!


Wait, Is this guy for real? Someone get the yellow pages,

I need an extermination, Spider Infestation,

More of a Killer, eh, less of a hater,

But, what's with the wall-crawling? It's called an "Elevator", * sitcom laughing *

So you really want to go toe-to-toe?

Well I've got your toe tag, and it's to the Morgue we go!

But since you're special, fine, the choice is yours,

You can die by the gun or i'll gut you by sword!


Spidey sense not tingling, 'cause this guy's a joke

If he rapped for a living, he'd be Deadbroke

You're already trapped in my web, you'll regret it

I'll tie up your limbs and I'll have you beheaded

You rhyme like a toddler, your flow is in diapers

I'm killing this battle with lyrics and cyphers

I'm still undefeated, my title's the same

And you'll soon be forgotten, just like your game!

Deadpool: Edit

The Merc with the Mouth is now taking the title

I fight for the top while you fight for survivial

This loss on your record just marks my arrival

When this battle's done Pete, you'll be suicidal!

I've got a lightning flow, and when I unleash it your gonna get struck, so ya' better take cover!

And I'm unstoppable, and I'm unprobable, and unpredictable, and I got a roar like Thunder!

My flows are sick, my rhymes are quick, my aim is still, my skill is ill

I'll line my scope up to your chest, because you know I aim to kill!

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