Batman vs Sherlock - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Batman vs Sherlock - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Sherlock Holmes VS Batman
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The 3rd installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the dark knight of DC, Batman against the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. It was uploaded March 8th, 2012.


Sherlock Holmes:Edit

You've got to be crazy, you've got to be batshit,

To challenge this Holmes on the mic, I'm commin' ratchet,

Solving mysteries with this big brain,

When me and Watson hit the streets, we're driving bitches insane,

And listen close, because now you're in class,

I heard your girlfriend couldn't find it without a magnifying glass,

Any mystery, I'm up to the task,

I'm going in face to face while you hide behind your Batmask.

I'm leaking all your secrets like a busted faucet,

You've got a Batcave? More like a Batcloset.

You and your boy were meant to be, Serendipity,

And it didn't take a genius bitch, that shit was Elementary.


You think you're hot? Well I've got family in the game,

Shout out to my cousin Lil' cause they call me Big Wayne,

Important people often need to wear disguises,

You might need a mask too if you owned Wayne Enterprises,

I'm a billionaire playboy, dropping Benjys from the sky,

The only date you could get was with a middle aged guy.

I wiped the smile off the face of a Joker,

Your entire life savings are my starting chips in poker,

Batmobile it's on 20s cruising on a Dark Night,

Fly my jet to your sister's, have her screaming mid-flight,

Your book's so old, even my butler Alfred forgot,

Oh you've just been served? No shit Sherlock!

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