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The 28th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the future consoles of Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 4, and the Xbox One. It was uploaded June 17th, 2013.


Playstation 4:Edit

It's the Console King, who got a standing ovation!

The all-black nightmare, the fourth PlayStation!

X marks the spot on my punk-ass opposer!

I'll heat up this box 'til he pops like a toaster!

He's all throwing all kinds of new rules on the day,

No pre-owned shares, and no offline play?

Man, shutting down games is a low down annoyence!

Get this softy a pill than can help his performance!

Xbox One:Edit

Whoa, hold on son, i'm called the One for a reason,

I'm taking what's mine, like a mad Liam NeeIson!

I'm a Microsoft mainstay, the best of the best,

And I can't perform? How about a Network Test?

I'm cocked, locked, and loaded, so I suggest that you stay low,

When I murder you here, you'll finally get your own Halo!

Miles ahead, i'm WAY out of your class,

You want to die by Kinnect, or prefer Smart Glass?

Playstation 4:Edit

Hang on, miles ahead? Were you dropped on your side?

Please go and Google GDDR5!

With my AMD Jag, I didn't mean to upstage him,

I'd give you some tips, but they can't upgrade him!

The Duel Shock Don, but I'm wise like a sensei,

Killing Microsoft's hopes like my last name was Kenway!

They call you the One, but I'm one of a kind!

Who else steals the show all for $399?

Xbox One:Edit

Somebody flip on my switch, it's time to go Live!

I'm the multiplayer menace, and I'm ready to ride,

I'm the Jack of All Trades, coming to your family room,

TV, Voice Control, and the market share soon,

That MSRP might boost your pre-orders,

But I bet that price tag includes cutting corners!

I'm a legend, you're coming in second, I already won, and I hope you remember,

Think that you're good, but I promise I'm better, I'll be the reminder come November!

Who Won?

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