Superman VS Goku
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 The 22nd installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has Dragon Ball Z protagonist, Goku, battle The Justice League's leader, Superman, to decide the most powerful character in history. It was relased on March 21st, 2013.



Coming straight from Krypton, they know me as the last son,

Beat this hippie bloody, so I hope he brought his tampon!

Akira Toriyama tried to make another me,

But I'm the greatest refugee that this planet's ever seen!

Just look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane!

Wait, it's just the Man of Steel and some golden-haired dame!

You're looking quite regal dressed in Chi-Chi's orange blouse,

And your Bitch Points Level is OVER NINE THOUSAND!


Really? A tampon? You must be seeing lead,

Your underwear's showing, and they're drenched in all red!

Comparing you to me is like a hammer to an anvil,

Your tights tell the tale of a man stuck in Smallville!

It's the Kaoken Kid, held the title: World's Strongest,

Let's ask Ms. Lane who's Speeding Bullet's last longest!

I always push my limits while you're stuck in level flight,

And Super Sayian Four is the new Kryptonite!


Ah, gee, I think it's time somebody taught you some manners sir......

I'm reppin' for the K-State, and old-school super humour!

They want the rights to my tights like it's Siegel and Shuster!

Just like your show, I'm still waiting for the fighting to begin,

Still the Number One Pimp on IGN!

You're a flying alien who can protect, who can deliver,

You were sent here as a baby, why's this story so familiar?

Not a King Kai excersize, I don't do this shit for fun,

Been a beast in the streets since Action Comics number one!


  • Yells and transforms*

I'm the protector of the Earth while you play dress up at the Daily,

Planet's gonna need saving, I'M the one that's been training!

It's your Doomsday Clark, I'd really hate to be this mean,

So when I beat your bitchass, I'll leave behind a senzu bean!

Your flow and your game have proven equally as shitty,

While they're on my Dragon Balls from here to Central City!

You should've brought your Justice friends to help you even up the odds,

They're going to miss you like Apple fans are missing Steve Jobs!

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