Sonic vs Road Runner - Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History

Sonic vs Road Runner - Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History

Sonic the Hedgehog VS Road Runner
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 The 2nd installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon HistoryIt features Sega mascot Sonic The Hedgehog against Road Runner from Acme cartoons. it was uploaded on March 1st,

Lyrics Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog:Edit

I'm the Hedgehog with the most and my skin's ice blue kinda like my flow,

I hope that you never ever have to race me, I'll be finished when they call out go,

Dang, You're looking slow, I'd let you borrow my red sneaks,

But I never lend to bitches, especially ones with beaks,

Can I make a suggestion? Get a bike that's got some pegs,

So fast I'll run back in time, meet your Mom, and scramble her eggs.

Road Runner:Edit

Beep Beep, Your flows as lame as your Mohawk,

They call me Road Runner leave you sitting at the crosswalk,

I was around before you had your little game,

Dropping boulders on Coyotes and putting the rest to shame,

My speed's all natural, you can keep your special kicks,

Keep an eye on your sidekick, he was on the corner, turning tricks,

It's Tails right? Sounds kinda like a cat,

Guess that's better than a Smurf who forgot to wear his hat.

Sonic The Hedgehog:Edit

Okay, I might be a "Smurf", but you're sitting broke on your cartoons,

I was chasing gold rings, I'm about to make it Monsoon,

And get it right, He's a fox that flies,

The only thing your wings are good for comes with a side of fries,

That's right, we'll fry you up inside a basket,

I'll heat it with blazing speed, and our stomachs will be your casket,

Call me Sonic Boom, I'm going the speed of sound,

I'm like a 767, and you're just a Greyhound.

Road Runner:Edit

Sonic Boom? You sound just like a stripper,

Hey Coyote, got some change? A dollar's too much to tip her,

You can't keep up? Can't say that it's a shocker,

You're a guy who's arch enemy is a balding doctor,

Yeah, I'm saying you got a whack nemesis,

Roll back inside your ball, and head back to Sega Genesis,

I'm way too quick for y'all, so fasten your seat buckles,

Next time I want a challenge, I'll send out a call for Knuckles.

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