James Bond vs Indiana Jones Epic Rap Battle

James Bond vs Indiana Jones Epic Rap Battle

James Bond VS Indiana Jones
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The 19th battle in Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History. It features Britain's top secret spy, James Bond,against treasure hunter,Indiana Jones. It was uploaded Febuary 5th, 2013.


James Bond:Edit

Bond, James, hope you recognize the name,

About to put your ass to shame, bust a cap inside ya brain,

British Secret Service man, intelligence is my speciality,

You cracked your Crystal Skull and think your ancient stones could fuck with me?

We all know where you're really headin',

Got a bullwhip and a kid? I think someone's got a fetish,

Winning ain't a lucky guess, it's down to a science,

I'm a trigger finger killer bitch, and i've got a licence!

Indiana Jones:Edit

Supposed to Never say Never, but i'll make a quick prediction,

You'll never close the case if beating Jones is in your mission,

I'm immune to superstition, a treasure hunting detective,

A hero with a hobby, you're about to be collected,

Drop your fancy pants weapons and we'll bare knuckle brawl,

Left hook to your jaw then watch your Skyfall,

Take a crack at my whip, but you know what it's for,

Protection while i'm raiding all the tombs of your Bond girls.

James Bond:Edit

A bare knuckle brawl won't help your odds Henry,

I'm a trained fuckin' killa, someone check professor's memory,

I'm 007 and I'm not your lucky number,

It's your Last Crusade, Your temple's going under,

Refined skills kicks the shit out of rugged,

Should've feared this snake 'cause my flow is cold blooded,

It's a gentleman's match, so take off the fedora,

It's the Golden-Eyed G versus Dora the Explorer!

Indiana Jones:Edit


Now you've gone and pissed me off...


Alright my memory's fine, how about a history lesson?

I'm a whip crackin' pimp when my class is out of session,

You think you're something new? I've been droppin' Nazi spies,

Drop your wack ass today, since Tomarrow Never Dies,

So reliant on your gadgets and equipment,

Sounds like over-compensation for failed bedroom missions...

I've got a classified message for Q,

Decode this slick, Fuck you.

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