Bane VS The Joker
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The 17th battle and Season 2 premiere of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has 2 of Batman's greatest villains, the clown prince Joker and the superhuman Bane, battle each other. It was uploaded January 5th, 2013.



It's Bane in the building AKA The Liberator,

And I'm about to pull the plug on this has-been hater,

Excommunicated but my voice is on blast,

Don't need the League of Shadows just to beat your pansy ass,

I'm a Hardy Boy stacking reps on sets

While this joke of a threat gets his purple suits pressed,

He's trying to rob the bank while I take the Stock Exchange,

You want a penny for your thoughts while i'm bankrupting Wayne.

The Joker:Edit

HAHAHAH Oh look a walking tumor,

Come get a deadly dose of this sadistic sense of humor,

Genius level intellect so it's time to match wits,

I'm the most dangerous clown to hit the screen since IT,

Been taking on the Bat for more than half a century,

While you played patty cakes in a desert penitentiary,

I know you're hooked on Venom so I'll spit some in these punches,

I heard that stuff shrinks both of your oats- honeybunches.


Sadistic Sense of humor? You're a warped psychopath,

Half a century getting served, i'll let the "genius" do the math,

My time in solitude let me rise up from the pits,

While a guy like you would end up serving time as someone's bitch,

I'm ten moves ahead mate, and now you're stuck in check,

This Joker's worn out, somebody find another deck,

I'm the trump card and I think it's time to placed your bets,

You never know when i'll strike like a villain with tourette's.

The Joker:Edit

Consider carefully, insulting the court jester,

You self-rightous, semi-pro, mexican wrestler,

You rap like an autotuned asthmatic child,

I can't lose this game bitch cause jokers are wild,

I'm a psychopath? No, I possess a super sanity,

You cloak yourself in shadows while I press my suits with vanity,

Call me a clown, but who's the real fool?

You're just another failed shadow like Ra's Al Ghul.

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