Superman VS Batman -Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Superman VS Batman -Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Batman VS Superman
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SUPERMAN SUPERMAN The 14th instalment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has the iconic leader of DC Comics, Superman IS BETER NEXON , SIMON, against the returning champion Batman SUCK AHHH. It was released September 19th, 2012. Edit



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It's time to settle the score, I've think I've been here before,

already kicked Sherlock's ass, left them all wanting more.

I'll come from the shadows, give you an alien beating,

From what your team tells me, "Man of Steel" is misleading,

I am your worst nightmare, forget Doomsday and Lex,

Put some Kryptonite inside that S on your chest,

I am best of DC, I am the best on the mic,

It's lights out for you princess, I am the Dark Knight.


I really don't want to do this, but you seem hell bent.

You're an ant in my eyes, not even a match for Clark Kent.

Take your utility belt, take a reality dose,

Swallow it deep like you like it then I'll X-Ray you to toast,

I am Krypton's last son, I am Earth's greatest champ,

I hear people's cries, you need your punkass Batlamp,

Take away all your cash, your gadgets and weapons,

You'd be another sad emo working at seven eleven.


You're just a greasy-haired pixie whos movies are garbage,

Whoever chose Brandon Routh for the role was slightly retarded,

Not to mention, your comics are a shame,

And I drove my Batmobile through Lois' Lane!

Your new report says your died, I am the caped crusader,

You borrow hair gel from A.C. Slater.

I've gotta check you later cause I'm getting this paper,

Cover this story boy, B Wayne for Mayor!


Alright Bruce, tell Robin to lose the mask,

I know you like to see his face when you're tappin' that ass,News boy is my costume, I was born Kal-El,

I've been fighting for the good before your bat-balls fell!

You drove though Lois' Lane? Your boys wanna get beside me.

Ask Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy.

And i've got some info for Commisoner Gordon,

You've been up all night from all that coke that you're snorting!

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