Peter Griffin VS Homer Simpson -Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Peter Griffin VS Homer Simpson -Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

The 13th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has the main character of the series Family Guy, Peter Griffin, versus The Simpsons main character Homer Simpson. It was uploaded August 20th, 2012.


Peter Griffin:Edit

My homeboys call me Peter, let's play follow the leader.

Because you're trailing me in ratings since I entered in the theater,

We're the next generation and your show is so outdated,

Why are your kids so weird? Wait, are you and Marge related?

Take Chris for example, yeah versus little Bart,

He'll crush that spikey punk and leave him at the Quickie Mart.

Here's the real joke, putting me versus you,

That's like Osama bin Laden going up aganst Apu.

Homer Simpson:Edit

Follow the leader? Your clock it needs some cleaning,

We were a number one hit while Seth MacFarlene was wet dreaming,

My kids are way cooler they've got the swag of Homer J.,

And even your dog Brian knows your baby Stewie is gay,

In the game since '89 and the fans want more,

We're cartoon pioneers, haven't you been canceled before?

My movies are gold, that's right, box office hits.

Your spin-offs are tiny, like the size of your dick.

Peter Griffin:Edit

Alright Homer, you've gone a step too far,

I'll come to Springfield, kick your ass, and leave you laying in Moe's Bar,

Your nuclear plant buddies, they cannot help you now,

And I cleaned Marge's streets with my Griffin snow plow,

Your movies are gold? Well our DVDs are platinum,

more teenie boppin' hits than a Justin Bieber album.

There's only room for one King, so pack your bags and go,

This battle was a bad decision, or in your words, Doh!

Homer Simpson:Edit

Come to Springfield, you wouldn't last a day.

But everytime i'm in Rhode Island Lois is begging me to stay,

At the plant we spit heat, a lesson you should learn,

And i'll make it rain on all you punks like my name is Mr. Burns,

There's only room for one King, now that's one fact that's true,

And I hope it's not the family where the dog has the highest IQ,

This battle left you battered and laying face down in a ditch,

They'll have to rename your show, and call it Family Bitch.