Wonder Woman VS Catwoman - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Wonder Woman VS Catwoman - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Wonder Woman VS Catwoman
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The 12th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the queen of DC, Wonder Woman, aganst the Catwoman from Batman's comics. It was uploaded July 27th, 2012.


Wonder Woman:Edit

I'm the Queen of DC and you're just it's kitty cat,

Got real men chasing after me, not just a hairy bat,

I'm from Paradise Isle, land of Amazon Warriors,

I'm gonna tell your secrets girl, not talking about Victoria's,

I'm class, your trash, I hate to bruise your pride,

You're the town bicycle, all the boys get a ride,

I've got my lasso of truth so I can't tell a lie,

By the time that we're through you'll be all out of lives.


Queen of DC? More like it's Grandma,

That outdated costume looks like stripper pajamas,

I'll sink my claws into that Amazon wig,

And snap your little lasso like an Amazon twig,

In the Pool of secrets, I'll throw one more in it,

You haven't been laid in an Amazon minute,

Uplift my city? At least I have one,

Go back to giant island hi fi fo fum.

Wonder Woman:Edit

I'm a stripper? Well what does that make you?

You walk the streets alone at night, that's called a prostitute,

I'm the most famous heroine the world's ever known,

You're a spin-off sweetie, from Batman's throne,

In the game since '41 and I still look great,

And even in Gotham you need a mask to get a date,

One final blow and then I'll let you lose,

Wait, can we finish this later? I just got a text from Bruce.


Ok hot stuff, it seems you're confused,

The throne is all mine, i've never been number two,

Bruce sent you a message, but let's not forget,

He can do without lassos, but he's addicted to whips,

You're the most famous? Not since i've been around,

I'm your boyfriend's screensaver, and desktop background,

I delivered this loss like a string of Pizza Huts,

Oh wait, nevermind I don't deliever to sluts.

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