The ThunderCats VS The Planeteers Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History

The ThunderCats VS The Planeteers Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History

The Thunder Cats VS The Planeteers
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The 11th battle in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features Lion-O and his warriors, The Thundercats, against Captain Planet and The Planeteers. It was uploaded on July 18th, 2012.


The Planeteers:Edit

We're the Planeteers, don't get it twisted,

We're about to give a beating to you kitty cat misfits,

We're fighting on the planets team,

You can call us eco-ballers because we always got the green,

Tell Mumm-ra he can take a day off,

We're gonna hit you so hard we'll make you lose your loincloth,

Tell Cheetara she can come back and see us,

We made that kitten purr efficiently like the engine on a Prius.


Who challenges the Thundercats? What's this about?

Tell me it's not this team of teenaged looking girlscouts,

It looks like you're all from the lost and found,

But by the Eye of Thundera, we'll beat your asses down,

Look, you really think that you can do no wrong?

But you're all hanging in the forrest with a grown man in a thong,

We gave Gaia our sword and she was ready to blow,

She was supposed to save the planet, now she's the Thundercats' Hoooo!

Captain Planet:Edit

By your power's combined, I am Captain Planet,

It's time to put an eco end to this rap battle dammit,

We protect the Earth from furballs and toxins,

While you're steady talking shit without your litterboxes,

Your flows are dried up, our rhymes are Lake placid,

And your wacked out show is only cool to watch on acid,

You're about to be extinct, it's just a premonition,

This beating must have hurt, you'll need a kitty cat prescription,



Hmm, Not bad Captain,

Hey Panthro, let's show them what happens when we speed things up a bit,

Thundercats Hooooo!


You're a bunch of lame posers, a bunch of brown nosers,

A bunch of blanks with no guns in your holster,

Put your blue fairy back away in his cage,

And we promase we won't tell anyone he's


Fighting on the planet's side?

Well you can bend that thing over and get the ThunderCats a ride.

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