Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Goku VS Vegeta
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The 1st installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the 2 main characters of Dragon Ball Z, the hero Goku and the anti-hero Vegeta, against each other. it was uploaded Febuary 20th, 2012.



Hey Vegeta, I hate to be so cruel,

We're of the same bloodline, i hate to make you look a fool,

But the simple truth is, You'll never ever reach my level,

I've made you out a tombstone, so go and grab a shovel,

And you're so special? That's back on our home world,

That shit got blown to pieces, so welcome to Earth,

I'm in another weight class, I'll wrap you up like a burrito,

I am a Golden God, you're just an angry Guido.


I am the Prince of all Saiyans, Don't forget it,

Ask Chi-Chi, she remembers, that's before I hit and quit it,

Yes i'm the Anti-Hero, And I seek immortality,

You can keep your peace and love, I live in reality,

You are scum, a being less than dirt,

I'd run the other way, with your tail between your skirt,

And I'm Guido? Ha ha, want a cookie?

I'll blow your ass to Jersey, heard you had a thing for Snooki.


Oh, I get it so now we're taking off the gloves?

I've tried to save the planet, I've tried to show the love,

But now you've got it coming, You'll never be the best,

I think it's time that I unleash and put your ass to rest,

I defeated Frieza, my son defeated Cell,

Who's got the royal blood? It's getting hard for me to tell

I blast a Kamehameha ,

destroy you for the cause

I am the World's Greatest Hero,



You'll need those balls just to wish yourself a flow,

I like the orange jumpsuit, it makes you look like a little Ho,

Your son defeated Cell? Well Trunks defeated Broly,

And why does your trainer look just like a Roly-Poly?

I'll drop you then I'll rock you Then I'll blast my Galick Gun,

So bow down to your leader, you can call me Daddy son,

My willpower alone could turn you into grass,

Your wife sent me a picture text, she called it Final Flash.

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