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Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History is a series created by VicTheInfiniteSource channel. The channel was started July 22nd, 2011. So far, it has 3 Seasons with 50 battles in it. DigitalFlowX, Vic's second channel, has posted 4 extra battles.


Season 1ryan versus Matthew solving Edit

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2- Sonic The Hedgehog VS Road Runner

3- Batman VS Sherlock Holmes

4- The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VS The Power Rangers

5- Ronald McDonald VS The Burger King

6- Spiderman VS Wolverine

7- Buzz Lightyear VS Optimus Prime

8- Blade VS Edward Cullen

9- Harry Potter VS Frodo Baggins

10- Naruto VS Sasuke

11- The ThunderCats VS The Planeteers

12- Wonder Woman VS Catwoman

13- Peter Griffin VS Homer Simpson

14- Superman VS Batman

15- Ash Ketchum VS Yugi Muto

16- Season 1 Finale- Megaman VS The All-Stars

Season 2Edit

17- Season 2 Premiere- Bane VS The Joker

18- The Flash VS The Hulk

19- Indiana Jones VS James Bond

20- The Avengers VS The Justice League

21- Deadpool VS Deathstroke

22- Goku VS Superman

23- Mario VS Link

24- Thor VS Raiden

25- Green Arrow VS Hawkeye

26- iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S4

27- Dante VS Kratos

28- PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One

29- Sonic The Hedgehog VS The Flash

30- Smash Bros Royale

31- Ryu VS Scorpion

32- Season 2 Finale- Spiderman VS Deadpool


33- Naruto VS Sasuke 2

34- Iron Man VS Batman

35- Superman VS The Hulk

36- 2013 New Years Special- Playstation 4 VS Xbox One 2

Season 3Edit

37- Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

38- Mario VS Sonic The Hedgehog

39- Nightcrawler VS Nightwing

40- Princess Peach VS Princess Zelda

41- Captain America VS Deathstroke

42- Goku VS Naruto

43- Vegeta VS Sasuke

44- Link VS Cloud Strife

45- Sonic the Hedgehog VS Shadow the Hedgehog

46- Scorpion VS Sub-Zero 2

47- Luigi VS Tails

48- Aang VS Korra

49- The Hulk VS Broly

50- Season 3 Finale - Mega Man X VS Samus VS Cyborg

DigitalFlowX BattlesEdit

1- Goku VS Superman 2

2- Batman VS Deadpool

3- Professor X VS Magneto

4- Solid Snake VS Ezio Auditore

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