Tom Anderson vs Mark Zuckerberg - Epic Rap Battle Parodies-0

Tom Anderson vs Mark Zuckerberg - Epic Rap Battle Parodies-0

Mark Zuckerberg VS Tom Anderson
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The 6th installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies. It features creator of MySpace, Tom Anderson, versus maker of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It was uploaded Febuary 13h, 2013.


Nathan Provost as Mark Zuckerberg

Justin Buckner as Tom Anderson

Zander Kanack as SwagFag


Mark Zuckerberg:Edit

Hello Tom Anderson, it's time you take a look,

Nobody uses MySpace, we all use Facebook,

I looked at your profile, but where the hell did I go?

That update you made, it like, seriously blows,

I'll take that whiteboard and smash your face though that shit!

When they bury you, i'll write "Here lies a Bitch"!

You've got the empty space inspration from where you like to jerk,

I think it's time I showed you The better Social Network!

Tom Anderson:Edit

Aren't you colorblind? That's why Facebook is blue,

That explains why you can't see that i'm much better than you!

My update sucks? Look at your Timeline!

At least my website didn't cause a bunch of suicides!

I have 200,000,000 friends, you can only have 5,000,

I'll make my site return, then i'll throw you over the mountain!

You dropped out of Harvard just to shit around the net?

I'll send your girl Priscillia Chan my personal friend request!

Mark Zuckerberg:Edit

Listen here "Lord Flathead", you don't know how to Hack!

A decent, usable server is something you lack!

Your website caused more deaths than the Holocaust,

MySpace's site is more lonely than the island from Lost!

I can gather my friends like sheep in a herd!

All your stupid friends just forgot their password!

You changed MySpace from black to blue?

Hell, even Google + has more users than you!

Tom Anderson:Edit

Your website became cancerous, just ask the Swagfags!



Tom Anderson:Edit

I'd play that dumbass FarmVille but all it does is lag!

Bitch, this isn't Tumblr, take off those "Insirational Quotes"

You erase the funny jokes, but keep the DEAD BABY POSTS?


1 Like = 1 Prayer!

Tom Anderson:Edit

You can't even play music on your damn profile,

You're whole damn site's a magnet for pedophilles!

I made plenty of money, so suck my dick!

Your ass got beat? HA! Tom Anderson Likes This!

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