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Puff Puff VS Steve Smith
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The 4th installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies. It features Yourfavoritemartian lead singer Puff Puff rapping against American Dad character Steve Smith. It was uploaded January 30th, 2013.


Nathan Provost as Puff Puff

Justin Buckner as Steve Smith


Puff Puff:Edit

Hello little bitch, Steve Smith,

I'm gonna show you who can be the better red jacket, glasses wearer you little faggot,

You Alien smuggler, I'll make you drink your Orphan Tears!

After I kill your mom and dad from getting White Boy Wasted QUEER,

Good morning USA? Bitch, I Live on Jupiter!

Grandma got a Facebook, poking you, makes you look stupider,

I Fight to Win bitch, I'm Stalkin' your Mom,

You're extremely poor bro, write a Bartender Song!

Steve Smith:Edit

I'll show you the better red-jacket with my Hogwarts spells!

I'll take your Tig Ol' Biggies, make your life a living hell!

You're not MY Favorite Martian! You're like a Kelly Clarkson!

You got what I need? Bitch, My Balls the stars man!

Runaway Planet? Yeah, it ran from your stupid ass!

I'll Boom Headshot on your Grandma's face, it will be a blast!

Don't get your fans excited for an album you stupid prick!

You tried to go all Hollywood, and look how you ended!

Puff Puff:Edit

You searched for 8 years for a girl to bone,

You can't get none bro, you're left in the Friend Zone!

Your mom Looks like Sex, she'll always Text Me Back!

But the Bitch got a Penis, and she's also Dookie Fresh!

Steve Smith:Edit

Puff Puff Humbert, I Love the Way You Lie!

My raps will Take Over the World, so go ahead and die!

Nobody likes your shit! You lasted 43 songs?

Sorry Puff Puff, you didn't last long!

Errors Edit

When Puff Puff says "You searched for 8 years" the subtitles say "You searched 8 years".
Who Won?

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  • This was the first battle that was edited by WoodenHornets.
  • When Puff Puff says "You searched for 8 years" the subtitles say "You searched 8 years".

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