Mother Nature vs Father Time - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 202:04

Mother Nature vs Father Time - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2

Mother Nature VS Father Time
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The 34th installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies. It will feature the entity of the planets' weather, Mother Nature, against the keeper of the universe's time, Father Time. It was released January 11th, 2013.


Stephanie as Mother Nature

Nathan Provost as Father Time

Zander Kanack as Tom Sawyer (Cameo)


Mother Nature:Edit

Mother Nautre has arrived here to show this dude some facts,

I've got flows like the wind while you make people unable to relax!

Somehow making time seem faster, yet you don't know what's in store,

Everyone must pay his debt to Mother Nature, so pay yours!

Sorry there, big boy, didn't mean for you to get played,

It's not my fault that I had to rain on your parade,

It's in my Nature to win, I make rainstorms and fertilize farms,

Hurry up and realize that you're more annoying than a wake up alarm!

Father Time:Edit

Time goes by slowly when your rapping against such a bore as Mother Nature!

Be nice for once and make good weather. You call it a summer? I call it a failure!

You'll fall like a tree in the forrest, without a sound,

I'm like the Axis of Life, I make the whole world go round!

You're ill-natured, woman, all your lines are plain wrong, Mother,

I can see you're a girl, you can nag like no other!

It's over, Mother Failure, I've left you destroyed and depressed,

I would explain how much of a mess you are, but there's not much time left!

Mother Nature:Edit

You're old and weak, stop playing with clocks,

To the hell with the L, you like playing with cocks!

I'll take a storm and break through your face of glass,

Oh, you'll bring the pain? Well I'll make it rain on your ass!

I expel weather, you can't mess with this angry chick!

Come at me, dude! Your beard's longer than your dick!

I guess it's just bad timing, for you have just lost,

It shows that Mother Nature's path is one you shouldn't cross!

Father Time:Edit

This'll be a long battle for you,

'Cause time only flys when you're having fun, I thought you knew!

Ignoring your disses is how I pass the time,

After you're done PMS-ing, I dare you to spit a rhyme!

Poison Ivy, stop giving every man's crotch an itch!

To quote from EVERYBODY, "Mother Nature's a bitch!"

You've pissed me off for the last time, so here's my last line,

You fucked up my World! That's right, bitch, it's mine!

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