Epic Rap Battle Parodies Mozart vs Skrillex - Epic Rap Battle Parodies

Epic Rap Battle Parodies Mozart vs Skrillex - Epic Rap Battle Parodies

Mozart VS Skrillex
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The 2nd installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies. It features dubstep artist Sonny John "Skrillex" Moore against classical composer Mozart. It was uploaded January 6th, 2013.


Nathan Provost as Skrillex

Justin Buckner as Mozart



Mr. Skrillex, Sonny John Moore,

What else can I say? Your music is a bore,

Artist of the Year? More like the yearly queer! You're not a musician!

You're a student that can't afford his tuition!

What are those noises? Robot Sex?

That's unbelieveable, wow Skrillex,

My ass makes better music so go ahead and chew it,

I'm the King of Composing bitch! Can't you hear?!

I will Bangarang your Ellie on the First of the Year!

You're a GypsyhookER, you like it in the ear!

Cut some of that damn hair off, use it for a beard!


  • Laughs

You think you're a better composer? More like a Beethoven poser!

Better get off your lazy ass and stop making music with a toaster,

My name is Skrillex,

Don't you forget it you bitch,

You're just an animal that can't make music worth shit!

Take that ink pen and feather, and shove them up your dick,

You can't compose, or get any hoes,

I got plenty of cash to give, so suck my big load,

You think your little instruments can take me for a stand?

I'll break into your house, smash and kidnap Constance!

Oh i'm sorry, my policy, I can't get with a man,

Millions are at my concert, so have fun with only one fan!


Any guy named Skrillex... probably sucks dick,

My burns cause Fire and Ice, so go ahead and lick it!

You sit on YOUR lazy ass and make music with a BLENDER,

Your hairstyle's kind of stupid, it goes to WHAT gender?


With a Wub Wub here and a Wub Wub there,

My Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites will chase you outta my lair,

You think an 18th century faggot can take on the "ALMIGHTY SKRILLEX"?

I'll sit with all the money in my studio, have fun playing with Stones and Sticks.


  • This is the first rap battle (in Epic Rap Battle Parodies) to have both rappers battle each other in a parody before being made by the Original Makers of ERB
  • This battle is the first to feature two-nonfictional characters.

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