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Huckleberry Finn VS Tom Sawyer
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The 13th installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies. It features Mark Twain's two famous adventurers Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. It was uploaded April 18th, 2013.


Zander Kanack as Tom Sawyer

Hunter Tolliver as Huckleberry Finn

RLYoshi as Fence Painter

Billy Herrstol as Fence Painter 

Justin Buckner as Finn's Dad


Huckleberry Finn:Edit

It's time to settle this once and for all!

Which one of the Twain boys will rise and fall?

Hold on boy, I'm from the Land of Missouri!

Out rap you so hard, you'll be running in a fury,

It's a damn shame, you gotta handle a jury,

I'm a hero! A prodigy from southern USA!

So you might as well shut the heck up, I'd win anyway,

Sail away on your little boat, BOMB BOY AYE!

Tom Sawyer:Edit

Fuckelberry Faggot, where do I even begin?

Are you going to fake your own death just to coward out again?

While I'm sleeping IN my bed like a normal functioning kid,

I see you in the barn in a cardboard box, you dumb shit!

There's no need for me to rap, is that whatchya ment?

You're the one that should shut up, your book got banned because of your accent!

My name is Tom Sawyer, I got a mean, mean pride,

You never got laid, i've already got a bride!

Huckleberry Finn:Edit

Steppin' up to me? Compared to you, I'm a saint!

So much confidence, one could say i'm goin' hard in the paint!

Come on you little faggle,

Come and eat my big apples,

I'm livin' the tough life, that's what's happinin',

I guess you could call me Aladdin,

And as Tom is standing in front of that unpainted fence,

He begins to realize he's nothing but a failure without parents,

It's like Batman with no inheritance!

Tom Sawyer:Edit

Are you complainin' bout my rhymes, and my ways to deliver?

I spit rhymes with more flow than the Mississippi River,

I got Becky on my side, when's the last time you had a love duet?

The only friend you have is a middle-aged black runaway slave.

The fence is getting whiter, but I'm not painting it as you can tell.

I'm not kidding around, Finn, I can make people rap for me as well.

Your father would always beat you because he was the town drunk.

The battle's over now, and I DON'T GIVE A HUCK!


Epic Rap Battle ParodiesEdit

  • This is the second battle where Justin Buckner does not rap, however he still makes an appearance as Huckleberry Finn's father.
  • This is the second rap battle featuring fictional book characters. The first being Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson. Unlike the previous one,however, the authors of these two characters is the same person.
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