ERB Parodies

Epic Rap Battle Parodies is a rap battle series started by Justin Buckner, Nathan Provost, and Zander Kanack. It was started back in December, 16th, 2012, after Nathan and Justin decided to work together to make rap battles. Eventually, Zander became the editor, and Froggy became the official 4th main member. They have teamed up with various other battle makers. The series currently has 4 seasons in production with 50 battles so far.


Season 1Edit

1- Vault Boy VS Cole Phelps 

2- Skrillex VS Mozart 

3- Niko Bellic VS John Marston

4- Puff Puff VS Steve Smith 

5- Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney

6- Tom Anderson VS Mark Zuckerberg 

7- The Merchant VS The Happy Mask Salesman 

8- Percy Jackson VS Harry Potter 

9-  Steve Burns VS Joe Burns - Audio Only

10- Slenderman VS Enderman

11- Tony Montana VS Al Capone 

12- Jack The Ripper VS Jeff The Killer

13- Tom Sawyer VS Huckleberry Finn

14- Macklemore VS Eminem

15- Season 1 Finale- James Bond VS Austin Powers 

Season 2Edit

16- Nathan Provost VS Justin Buckner

 17- Angry Video Game Nerd VS The Irate Gamer

18- Ash Ketchum VS Gary Oak

19- Private Ryan VS Nikolai Belinski 

20- Vault Boy VS Cole Phelps 2 

21- Phoenix Wright VS Adrian Monk

- Audio Only

23- Slenderman VS Jeff the Killer

24- Bam Margera VS Rob Dyrdek

25- Matt Groening VS Seth MacFarlane 

26- Ghost Hunters VS Ghost Adventures

27- Jason Voorhees VS Freddy Krueger

28- Dovahkiin VS Link

29- Bronies VS Trekkies

30- Target VS Walmart

31- Sidney Crosby VS Terry Fox

32- Jerry Springer VS Maury Povich

33- Simon Cowell VS Gordon Ramsay - Audio Only

34- Mother Nature VS Father Time

35- Season 2 Finale- Video Game Rap Battles VS Epic Rap Battle Parodies

Season 3:Edit

36- Shigeru Miyamoto VS Gabe Newell

37- Richie Rich VS Oliver Twist

38- Paul Bunyan VS Johnny Appleseed

April Fool's Extra- Patrick Star VS Carl Johnson

39- David Hasselhoff VS Richard Simmons

40- Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson

41- Lewis and Clark VS Beavis and Butthead

42- L VS Light Yagami

43- Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sylvester Stallone

44- M. Night Shyamalan VS Ed Wood

45- Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney 2

46- Hank Hill vs Duck Dynasty

47- Captain America vs Uncle Sam

48- Marshall Mathers vs Slim Shady

49- John Marston VS Niko Bellic (Remaster)

50- Season 3 Finale - Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack

Season 4:Edit

51- Epic Rap Battle Parodies 51

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