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Amelia Earhart vs Charles Lindbergh. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 9


Amelia Earheart VS Charles Lindbergh
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The 9th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features famous female pilot, Amelia Earhart, versus Spirit of St. Louis flyer, Charles Lindbergh. It was uploaded February 20th, 2013.


Molly Brown as Amelia Earheart

Jacob S. as Charles Lindbergh


Amelia Earhart:Edit

When you put forth your challenge, I stepped up to the plate,

I said, "Who could refuse this adventure? This battle will be great!"

Your ignorant mind probably thought you'd beat a girl pretty easy,

But this battle will take you to heights that'll make your scaredy-ass queasy!

So bring it on Charlie, try and beat all of my records,

I've beaten every other damn pilot that ever mattered!

I'm the modern Magellan, you're not even as good as Marco Polo,

Watch me fly all around the world ten times, riding solo!

Charles Lindbergh:Edit

I didn't doubt your ability because of your sex,

But you haven't exactly proven yourself worthy, I'm like a rappin' T-Rex!

I spit rhymes that would scare you so bad you'd go,

And get lost on an island, like you did 75 years ago!

I won a Medal of Honor, and even made an artificial heart!

Just face it Amy Adams, you've been losing from the start!

I got the Spirit of St. Louis in me, and I'm in it!

This battle, like every pilot-off i've been in, i'll win it!

Amelia Earheart:Edit

I supose anticipation sometimes exceeds realization,

What makes your rhymes so bad? May I have an explanation?

You couldn't even raise a child without having him killed,

You're not a hero and you know it, you don't have a hint of skill!

Charles Lindbergh:Edit

What's wrong baby? Upset 'cause you fail at rapping?

I'll be doing loops around the world, while you're on your island napping!

You rode on a plane called Friendship? Sounds fun,

Not! Girl, you lost, now leave and let it be done!

Who Won?

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