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Thomas Edison vs Alfred Nobel. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 8


Thomas Edison VS Alfred Nobel
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The 8th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features famous inventor Thomas Edison against explosives engineer Alfred Nobel. The Serbian innovator Nikola Tesla comes as third party. It was uploaded February 17th, 2013.


Jacob S. as Thomas Edison, Alfred Nobel, and Nikola Tesla


Thomas Edison:Edit

I'm here to dis this civilian who thinks he has class,

This will be 1% battle rapping, 99% me kicking your ass!

You failure, you couldn't even win your own prize, am I right?

Without your dynamite, I don't think you could put up even a small fight!

I've got a thousand patents, you've just got an ugly beard,

Have fear, i'm the Wizard of Menlo Park, to make you disappear!

I thought you'd blow yourself up, but you died of a hemorrhage instead,

I'll shove this lightbulb up your ass, since there's never one over your head!

Alfred Nobel:Edit

Boom! I'mma blow you up with some TNT!

And other explosives I invented, to hell with Golden Peace!

Nitroglycerin plus other stuff equals BANG you're dead!

I'm not giving away my secret formula, because unlike you, I'm not stupid in the head!

Nobody ever messes with Nobel, understand?

You couldn't even find out a way to mine? Ha, what a man!

Call yourself a wizard? Where's your wand Eddie Poo?

Mina tells me you had to reinvent the microscope too!

Thomas Edison:Edit

You invented the blasting cap? Well you're blasting crap!

Alfie, you can't rap, but you've fallen into my trap!

Alfred Nobel:Edit

What trap? You're not even smart enough to capture a snail!

I wonder what Tesla would think if he saw how bad you failed!

Nikola Tesla:Edit

I think that the both of you need to get the hell out now,

I knew that you'd both be talent less fools, but just wow!

I'm here to light this place up with some high-voltage shit!

Tommy, how could I ever work with you? I quit!

And Alfred, your rhymes are so bad it's frightening,

Feel the Tesla Effect, bitches, and bow down the lighting!

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