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Blaise Pascal vs Carl Friedrich Gauss. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 72

Carl Friedrich Gauss VS Blaise Pascal
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The 72nd installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss rapping against French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was released June 6th, 2014.


Jacob S. as Carl Friedrich Gauss

Ivo Hora as Blaise Pascal


Carl Friedrich Gauss (Young):Edit

The true child prodigy's ready to spit some harsh remarks,

At this pathetic little nerd who thinks he can beat me in my art!

You found that a triangle's angles add up to 180 degrees?

I'm not impressed, I'm not in awe, see, I'm practically asleep!

Eat up these disses, swine, this meal's nice and hearty,

You didn't even go to school, and yet you hope to outsmart me?

You don't stand a chance against me, you pitiful creature!

So go, run away screaming to your father that I beat you!

Blaise Pascal (Young):Edit

At least my dad was an honorable occupation, in fact,

I'd be careful, the last thing your parents want is a tax!

You weren't made to study math, maybe try Greek or Latin,

You figured out your own birthdate, but that shouldn't have to happen!

While you're off doing what I assume is being beat up,

I'm reading Euclid, gaining knowledge, who knows what I'll become?

I hope you're fully prepared to endure disses so wild,

That they would scarcely occur to a sixteen-year old child!

Carl Friedrich Gauss (Adult):Edit


I've determined a way to crack this ass's back with raps,

I believe it will cause more damage if I spit these rhymes fast!

Blaise, oh you're so bold, it's out of control, but bless your soul, you're not half my whole!

My words are taking their toll, and that's strictly my goal, for you who won't even make it to forty years old!

I've got a peculiar complexion, I have an affection for flexion as my rhymes go in every direction,

After close inspection the injection of lyrics will hurt since you have no pretection!

Don't even bother contradicting me, fool, this is my house!

Whether old or young, you'll never compare to Carl Friedrich Gauss!

Blaise Pascal (Adult):Edit

My, haven't you changed, you life flunking math junkie?

Now you look like Ebenezer Scrooge made love to a monkey!

I influenced Issac Newton I'm superior, I'll blast you,

Only ants look up to you, and that's just because they have to!

Feel the pressure when these rhymes fly as I keep spitting,

And we'll measure that pressure in Pascals, how fitting!

Yes, you lived past me, but I'm always twice the man you'll be,

It's now that I must go, may God never abandon me!

Who Won?

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