Salvador Dalí vs Frida Kahlo02:09

Salvador Dalí vs Frida Kahlo. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 71

Frida Kahlo VS Salvador Dali
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The 71st installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Mexican artist Frida Kahlo rapping against Spainish painter Salvador Dali. It was released May 30th, 2014. 


Jessiqua Kat Valentine as Frida Kahlo

Stofferex as Salvador Dali


Frida Kahlo:Edit

I was born a painter, see, and I have this mentality,

Do not dream about winning, instead create my reality:

Where this ass doesn't exist, your artwork is outlandish,

Maybe stay away from the LSD before you grab a canvas!

I'd rather face the other Salvador Dali, not this sad sack,

I'm quite certain a two year old could spit much better raps!

My work's about pain, and that's what you're going to feel,

This freak of a human winning? Now that's surreal!

Salvador Dali:Edit

Listen, I don't do drugs, I AM drugs, okay?

And the only thing that's high is the success I've claimed,

Your narcissism is something into which I will delve,

What kind of real artist only paints pictures of themselves?

Your better soft watch out, or prepare for a shock,

You're in trouble now, I'll melt your face like a clock!

This'll be your Day of the Dead prepared to get wowed!

'Cause I have more talent than you have hair between your brows!

Frida Kahlo:Edit

Oh my goodness, you're such a rebel, you got kicked,

Out of school, I'm so scared, can't you tell? Of course I kid!

I don't mind your scary portraits and your creepy landscapes,

The only thing I'm genuinely scared of is your face!

I'm amazed that you even know what a rap battle means,

You're so crazy, I was expecting you to compliment me!

I hope you've had a fun life, scaring the hell out of your friends,

'Cause there's going to be a funeral tomorrow, this is the end!

Salvador Dali:Edit

I'm dealing with a tragedy, my memory fails to persist,

Can someone remind me why I'm bothering to fight this bitch?

Yes there will be a funeral, and I'll be there watching, 

But you on the other hand? You'll be lying in the coffin!

Are you ashamed of yourself? You look red as a tomato!

And you're a bigger pile of shit than your husband Diego!

You're literally good at one thing, and that thing is breathing!

Have no fear of perfection, you won't ever reach it!

Who Won?

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