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Saddam Hussein vs Pol Pot. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 67


Pol Pot VS Saddam Hussein
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 The 67th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Cambodian dictator Pol Pot rapping against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. It was released May 2nd, 2014.


B-Lo Lorbes as Pol Pot

Jacob S. as Saddam Hussein


Pol Pot:Edit

What's this, a challenge? I've handled many lately,

But I'm not sure if you're really worthy to face me!

My disses drop like nukes, I'm about to start wrecking,

Your suffering will last longer than one hundred of my weddings!

Hus-sane? I think not! You have hardly any sanity,

You're completely dysfunctional, just like the rest of your family!

I'm the life of the party, you bring death to all things fun,

I'll topple your regime and you won't even have time to run!

Saddam Hussein:Edit

Party animal? Are you high off of Pot?

You're nothing but a red whiner taking tons of cheap shots!

You don't belong here, you bastard, much to your chagrin,

But instead slaving away in the mess hall of the Viet Minh!

I actually helped out my country, but your ass did nothing,

Except discrimminate against cripples, Buddhists, and Muslims!

As President of Iraq, I order your ass removed!

Unless you'd like both halves of your body to end up like glue!

Pol Pot:Edit

This battle will be easier then when I took Phnom Penh,

I mean, let's be real, you couldn't win against the U.N.!

You're powerless, see, all you can do is stand and glower!

Go back to your Ba'ath Party, or at least take a shower!

Oh, your security's powerful? Well maybe you should say,

How you use rape, murder, and torture to get your way!

We get it, you can play hide and seek, now, no disrespect,

But I really liked you better with a rope around your neck!

Saddam Hussein:Edit

I'm armed and ready with more raps so I'll fire at will!

Or I could simply say your name and you'd be arrested and killed!

Having people fight for you? Well aren't you heroic!

Your face is cancerous, and I'm not even joking!

I'm mighty at my weakest and a god at my fullest!

Why are you continuing to fight? I thought you hated wasting bullets!

When you're facing Saddam, don't even bother to compete,

So eat up, you bitch, 'cause I just served you your defeat!

Who Won?

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