Davy Crockett VS Daniel Boone
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The 63rd installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features American pioneer Daniel Boone rapping against US frontiersman Davy Crockett. It was released April 4th, 2014. 


Jacob S. as Davy Crockett

Mat4yo as Daniel Boone


Davy Crockett:Edit

Just like my class bully, I ain't leavin' you without a fight,

So get ready, I spit rhymes sharper than a Bowie knife!

I snap like an alligator, I won't nicely commune,

I'm about to whup the tar out of one Daniel Boone!

Larger than life, I come dressed ready to win,

With a coonskit hat and the finest moccasins,

As king of the frontier, expect me to be reckless,

You can go to hell, Dan, and I'll go to Texas!

Daniel Boone:Edit

I ain't sure if you're embarrassed or just plain stupid,

You hit that kid once, leave without a fight's what you did,

What's the matter? You couldn't handle a few slaps?

Guess you'll regret fighting me, Crockett's gonna get cracked!

And your outfit's stupid too, what you look like to me,

Is a grown man who still trick-or-treats for Halloween,

You ain't plucky, you monkey, you're just extremely unlucky,

I'll settle these rhymes on your face, like it's Kentucky.

Davy Crockett:Edit

Oh, you fought the Indians? That sure makes you a man,

But, you know, you're just like them! You too lost your lands,

You died of old age, but that's no reason to be proud,

I went down in history, you went down into the ground,

Scram, or else I'll capture you like the Shawnees,

You shot a bear when you were twelve? I killed one when I was three!

I'm the frontier Superman, yo, I fought for justice,

Old Betsy will leave you bloodless, you can't handle my toughness!

Daniel Boone:Edit

You went to school for four days, so you don't know jack,

But didn't your parents ever teach ya' how to shut your trap?

And maybe you are Superman, 'cause sure, you seem fly,

But you're nothing but a boring man in a suit and tie!

You know, you're not the only one who died that day,

You don't deserve anymore fame than those brave hombres!

I'm an inspiration to those who wish to hunt and explore,

You're a role model to guys to want to die in a worthless war!

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