Claus von Stauffenberg VS Guy Fawkes
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The 60th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features German conspirator Claus von Stauffenberg rapping against Spainish plotter Guy Fawkes. It was released on March 15th, 2014.


Jacob S. as Claus von Stauffenberg

Cameron Greely as Guy Fawkes


Claus von Stauffenberg:Edit

You better be scared 'cause you've entered the Wolf's Lair!

I've got the mind of a genius, so you know this isn't fair!

I don't see much wrong with King James, you're just trying to get famous,

But me? I went after the personification of Satan!

Sie saugen, you can't beat me! You'd need your whole team!

Catesby, Grant, Digby, all of your Unlucky Thirteen!

You're just a waste of Anonymous space, who failed his only task,

Nobody knows who you are, they just know about your mask!

Guy Fawkes:Edit

I think you're mistaken there, my plot's iconic, you're,

Gonna be so astonished, you'll never forget my moniker!

Your plan failed because someone moved your briefcase with his foot.

So I'm about to open thirty-six barrels of ass-whoop!

Truth be told, Claus, I despise your mere essence,

You know I would have succeeded had it not been for Francis Tresham!

And don't think the King is innocent, see, I'm just like you!

James hated the Catholics as much as Hitler hated the Jews!

Claus von Stauffenberg:Edit

Prepare to be hung, drawn, and promptly dismembered,

Everyone laughs at you as they remember the Fifth of November!

What will go down is history is Guy Fawke's defeat,

At the hands of Von Stauffenberg, the one true rap elite!

You're as dumb as Rapunzel with an ego as big as Paul Bunyan!

The pain I'll bring is worse than a sentance in the Tower of London!

I don't have to torture you to make you say I've won this brawl!

Now would you hold this breifcase for me? I have to make a call!

Guy Fawkes:Edit

You lost an eye, your hand, part of your foot, still didn't quit?

Sure, you hated the Nazi's, your dedication makes me sick!

This Fawkes is sly as a fox, you can't win this game,

And frankly, your pain will last longer than your children's dumb names!

I'm famous worldwide, when was your name last mentioned?

Face it, I was the last man to enter Parliment with honest intentions!

This is Operation: Valkyrie all over again, just retire,

I spit heat like a bonfire, you're done, you pansy liar!

Who Won?

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