Simon Bolivar VS Che Guevera
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Che Guevara vs Simón Bolívar01:49

Che Guevara vs Simón Bolívar. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 47


The 47th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Argentine revolutionary Che Guevera rapping against Venezuelan patriot Simon Bolivar. It was released on November 16th, 2013.


Ivo Hora as Simon Bolivar

Mat4yo as Che Guevera


Simon Bolivar:Edit

Now the The Liberator has taken his place in the rap arena,

Best prepare to get a bruise about the size of Argentina!

Saying you'll win would be laundering the truth more than detergent!

Cool it, you're not a saint, you're just overly insurgent!

I fought a whole empire, que vas a perder!

Don't think you can win with your guerrilla warfare,

When this is done, you're going to be more than out of breath,

You Argentinehorn, call this a Decree of War to the Death!

Che Guevera:Edit

Shoot, coward, you know I'm here to send you to your grave,

You're only smart choice in life was when you decided to shave,

You're going down, Simon, prepare to say your goodbyes,

I'll overthrow you harder than the 26th of July!

Prepare to get blown to pieces, or maybe something worse,

You might as well make your whole name your whole second verse!

You're worthless, Bolivar, you can't fight my commando,

I'm the King of all rappers, rey de rapeando!

Simon Bolivar:Edit

The King of rapping, eh? Well I guess it's time you're dethroned!

Bitch, you're only well known for a phote where you look stoned!

Having trouble breathing, Che? Just go back to Tarara,

I'll take your troops down faster than they took Santa Clara!

The day you blow me up will be a non-existent day!

But at least I'd go out with a bang, you got captured by the CIA!

Take your husband Castro, and go make some kids,

Just remember, mess with Bolivar, and get your ass kicked!

Che Guevera:Edit

You don't know strategy, you're just fumbling about,

Yes, the general's in his Labyrinth, but he can't get out!

Complete utter decimation is my diagnosis,

Battle me? You'll lose harder than your duel with tuberculosis!

I'm the symbol of rebellion, influential and famous,

What entertainment! Kicking the anus of this heinous ignoramus!

Just face it, I'll be forever known,

As the man who kicked Bolivar's ass, Viva La Revolution!

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