Montezuma II VS Hernan Cortez
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Hernán Cortés vs Montezuma. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 39


The 39th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Aztec emperor, Montezuma II, against Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez. It was released September 13th, 2013.


Ivo Hora as Montezuma II

Jacob S. as Hernan Cortez


Montezuma II:Edit

Let the mighty Aztec warrior show you the meaning of true pain,

After this battle is done, you'll be fleeing back to Spain!

Stay away from Mexico and just let me lead my people,

You're not a brave fighter, Hernando, you're one hundred percent evil!

You're the epitome of immorality from every aspect,

You held no position of power, but I ruled over the Aztecs!

Aww, you ran away from home because you were too poor? How sad,

But you won't die peacefully this time, I can guarantee that!

Hernan Cortez:Edit

Fighting technology with spears will never attain you a win,

I'm just going to sit back and watch history repeat itself again!

You think you can harm me? Come at me, ese!

Poor thing, you built your Empire, but I took it away!

You think sacrificial offerings are true displays of force?

How'd you expect to beat us when you've never even seen a horse?

By the time I arrive in Mexico, you were already doomed,

Feeling butthurt, Monty? Well it's just a flesh wound!

Montezuma II:Edit

Treated unjustly by the Spainish Crown? That's bullshit, man!

I'll sacrifice you to the Gods right in the middle of Tenochtitlan!

You died from dysentery? What is this, The Oregon Trail?

And congrats on getting lucky, your previous voyages were all fails!

Why can't you leave us alone? We did nothing to you!

Fuck Spain, fuck your army, and, oh yeah, FUCK YOU TOO!

I'll make you suffer like the disease you brought to make us die,

You're a worse man than Edison and Hitler combined!

Hernan Cortez:Edit

Half a century's passed and I'm still killing your people in masses,

I think someone's just mad that I slaughtered his ass!

A man with 19 children has got to be insane,

You've got the same amount of kids as different spellings of your name!

And Jesus, man, what the fuck are you wearing?

It's like I'm facing a vibrant homesexual canary!

I'll stab you in the face as my crew shouts "Ole!"

Your rhymes are far from gold, but I'll rob you anyway!

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