Robert E Lee vs Ulysses Grant

Robert E Lee vs Ulysses Grant. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 28


Robert E. Lee VS Ulysses S. Grant
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The 28th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee against the Union Army's general Ulysses S. Grant. It was uploaded June 27th, 2013.


Jacob S. as Robert E. Lee

Pop Filter as Ulysses S. Grant


Robert E. Lee:Edit

Can someone please Grant me a moment to diss this slut?

Watching your army fight is like seeing the elephant's butt!

I spit rhymes harder than a Stonewall, so try and spit back son,

Ain't none of your soldiers good enough to compare to Jackson!

Boy, you need to focus on your health,

People played you in movies, but I've got a 60 foot statue of myself!

Surrender to the almighty Robert Edward Lee,

You may have been President, but you're just a Simpson to me!

Ulysses S. Grant:Edit

Let us have war, I'll be the one standing tall,

I crushed the Ku Klux Klan, so this can't be hard at all!

You may have a buck and ball, but there's not a lot down there,

Is a .69 caliber musket all you have in your warfare?

You plus rap equals failure, it's basic mathematics,

Air-up your defeat like you did at Appomatox,

I wasen't born in the woods to be scared by an owl,

I'm a Northern war hero, your Southern rhymes are just foul!

Robert E. Lee:Edit

What in the Sam Hill? What the hell did I just hear?

Great scott, this damn Yankee sure knows how to wreck my ears!

I'm actually fighting, 'cause unlike you, I'm tough,

Quit trying to rap, hasen't your throat already had enough?

I defeated every Hooker that your army threw at me,

I can kick your ass from Texas all the way to Cincinnati!

Get out of the White House, two terms, yeah you're done!

After I win, we'll party harder than Mardi Gras son!

Ulysses S. Grant:Edit

I'm as fit as a fiddle, you're just fit to be tired!

I actually spit a few intelligent words before I died!

I won't release you from this rap bond until you free the slaves,

You people eat armadillo man, that's just insane!

This is North over South, you're literally being crushed!

Bitch, I spit rhymes richer than the California Gold Rush!

I've been through the mill and back, now I'm here to make you flee!

So draw your furrow straighter and admit your defeat!

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