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Paul Revere vs Benedict Arnold. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 25


Benedict Arnold VS Paul Revere
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The 25th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features British double-agent Benedict Arnold against Midnight Rider Paul Revere. General of the Continental Armies, George Washington, raps as third party. It was released June 5th, 2013.


Justin Buckner as Benedict Arnold

Dakota Wilson as Paul Revere

Jacob S. as George Washington


Benedict Arnold:Edit

TEN-HUT! Listen up my children, and you shall hear,

Of the glorious defeat of the queer named Paul Revere!

I get it, I'm a traitor, yeah, you can suck the hate!

But do you mean to tell me that the British are ejaculating?

Paul, drop the Midnight Ride, you're out past your curfew!

Why don't you get off your horse and go back to making spoons?

People all around you were dying, you were sitting lazy-by,

So i've come to diss you until your face is all wet with crying!

Paul Revere:Edit

I read a sign on a tree, it describes a fine reward,

60,000 dollars to anyone who can lyrically slap this whore!

Don't say I'm a loner, 16 children, trust me, I got laid,

You were so chicken, you could only serve in the army for 13 days!

You died of dropsy, but your balls haven't dropped Bene-dick!

You'll have a harder time then you had in New Brunswick!

I talked to my fellow patriots before this battle could begin,

They'll light up one lantern if I kill you and two if I win!

Benedict Arnold:Edit

Oh yeah you got laid, you got laid to much!

Plus you're more of a disaster than Panobscot!

I was a true fighter, all you did was play Yankee Doodle for fame!

I'm not sure what's bigger, your ego or John Hancock's name!

Paul Revere:Edit

You knew our positions and strengths and weaknesses as well,

So the British you went to tell, 'cause you're a traitor from Hell!

I'll bring the entire Continental Army to take down your troops,

And your face will have a Red-coat of blood when I'm through!

George Washington:Edit

'Twas well 'till I heard you rap, you're both doing it wrong!

I'm the true revolutionary, fought a war seven years long!

I didn't need any ballots, I was unanimously elected!

Nobody had the guts to run against me, so I was selected!

I'll enact a Rap Act and teach your asses a lesson,

I'm progressin' in expressin' my lyrical supression!

Mess with me again, and you'll end up tar-and-feathered!

'Cause I spit rhymes colder than the Valley Forge weather!

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