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Blackbeard vs Ferdinand Magellan. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 22


Blackbeard VS Ferdinand Magellan
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The 22nd installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It has feared pirate Blackbeard against Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. It was relased May 16th, 2013.


Justin Buckner as Blackbeard

Jacob S. as Ferdinand Magellan



I'm here to Edward Teach a lesson to this ugly rappin' fellon,

This battle sea's far from peaceful, ya hear that Magellan?

My crew will get ya and hold you captive on the Queen Anne,

But if you try and punch my face, i'll chop off your hand!

Why would they name a straight after you, queer?

You're just a little sissy explorer, i'm notorious and feared!

Sorry pal, you're journey's gonna have a slight delay!

Off with your head, bitch, skulls and bones all the way!

Ferdinand Magellan:Edit

Time to add a little Spice to this battle of wits,

And show this buccaneer he's just a queer not worth his own shit!

You've got no place in rapping, get your ass back to the West Indies,

Terrifying? God, you've got to be kidding me!

I know you want my booty, but you can't have it ya butt pirate,

Take one step closer to me, and my crew will riot!

Edward Teach? Ha! Lamest name in history!

You may have ruled over the Atlantic, but I own the Seven Seas!


You say you own the seas, but I don't quite get your position!

How can you say you're great? You died on your own expedition!

You're a weak Portuguese chicken, I'm damn strong and tough!

I'd even shoot my own crew if they weren't loyal enough!

I'm best known for blood and guts and gore, and I love it!

I've got such badass facial hair, people feared me 'cause of it!

It'll be "BOOM BOOM POW" until your ships have sank,

Come on, surrender like a bitch, and walk the plank!

Ferdinand Magellan:Edit

You're sick Blackbeard, and I don't mean evil, I mean queasy!

I'd make a racist joke about your beard, but that'd be too easy!

Pirate? Nah, more like glorified gold digger,

You say that I'm the sissy? You won't even pull the trigger!

I'm a better explorer than Cortés and Columbus combined!

X marks the spot in a place your stupid ass could never find!

My rhymes will slice your head off a second time, like a verbal guillotine!

You've come to an end, Blackbeard, 'cause this is your Philippines!

Who Won?

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