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Tycho Brahe vs Neil Armstrong. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 20


Tycho Brahe VS Neil Armstrong
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The 20th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features American astronaut Neil Armstrong against Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. It was uploaded May 2nd, 2013.


Jacob S. as Tycho Brahe and Neil Armstrong


Tycho Brahe:Edit

I looked up to the skies, tis a fine day for competing!

You maybe a worthy opponent, but your last name is misleading!

Take off that stupid helmet if you've got something to say,

8 days in space? No wonder your brain is like a Milky Way!

I can actually spit rhymes, it's just flags you're throwing,

I've studied the heavens, trust me, there's no way you're going!

You don't look like you can rap, but give it a spin,

But you're going to lose, 'cause there's Nor-way you can win!

Neil Armstrong:Edit

Houston, we have a problem, there's a fat douchebag in the way!

With that 'stache and that outfit, you look like a stray,

I'm an American hero, you're just a fool with a nose of brass,

So it's a great honor and privilege to be here kicking your ass!

You're like the Sun, everything gets caught in your orbit,

Is your fake nose the reason you can't tell you smell like shit?

You never amounted to anything, and once you admit your career fell,

I'll send you falling down the stairs like your drunk little elk!

Tycho Brahe:Edit

You had awful health and couldn't keep up with your occupation,

Stop space-ing out and actually do something for your foundation!

I had a Big Bang with your wives while your space shuttle flew,

You took one small step for man, but mankind's better without you!

I bet you like to shove rockets up your shuttle because,

It's obvious you have a huge Woody for Buzz!

I'll give you the Apollo Down if you think you're so great,

Why do so many people think your Moon Landing was fake?

Neil Armstrong:Edit

I'll spit Nova Gas and burn you up like the O-Zone,

Who even names their child Tycho? Were your parents stoned?

My rhymes are like Black Holes, they'll stretch you to your limit,

Why are you even trying? This battle, you won't win it!

I'm making headlines, worldwide, while you,

Mess around, all alone, while I'm chilling with my crew,

I'll take your telescope and shove it all up in Uranus,

Go observe this defeat, come back when you're actually famous!

Who Won?

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