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Muhammad Ali vs Jackie Robinson. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 19


Jackie Robinson VS Muhammad Ali
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The 19th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features first black Major League player, Jackie Robinson against professional boxer Muhammad Ali. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson raps as third party. It was uploaded April 25th, 2013.


Jacob S. as Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson


Jackie Robinson:Edit

Number 42 at bat, and he's shooting for the moon,

I broke the color barrier and I'mma break you too!

I'll beat your ass in the main event, give your family ring-side seats,

Then when you lick your lips, you'll taste utter defeat!

Come on you shop-worn sissy, put your dukes up,

You just knocked some dudes up when you drank from your own cup!

Wanna surrender now and save yourself? That would be sweet, 

I entered the Hall of Fame while you walked down Queer Street!

Muhammad Ali:Edit

Wanna step into my ring? I'll sucker punch ya', watch you fall,

Come fight me like a man and stop playing with balls!

Step up to me fool, I dare you, come on!

The only slugfest you could ever have was in your front lawn!

Have fun swinging sticks while I'm chillin' in the hood,

You're only on a male baseball team 'cause you're trying to get good wood!

I'll cut your balls off, and you'll have an empty sack,

So get da fuck back unless you want to feel another heart attack!

Jackie Robinson:Edit

I don't need to be Liston the ways you'll be aching,

You could become a legend too maybe, if you stop shaking!

I'm a Jack of all trades, I'll trade you to the other team, all nonchalant,

You fuck with me again, I'll give you a low blow, but not the kind you want!

Muhammad Ali:Edit

Why are you even trying Jackie? You know you're gonna lose!

It's been like forty years since you showed up in the news!

I inspired Mike Tyson, bitch, I'm the King of the Ring,

I'll be winning championships while you fist your thing!

Mike Tyson:Edit

I didn't need yo help fool! I would've done fine on my own!

If you wanna be King, Ali, you'll have to get ME off the throne!

I'd bite off ya'll's ears, but I want you to hear the raps of a true man!

I'd play with Jackie, but he's too stupid to understand my game plan!

I'll murder you little shits, don't care if it's against the law!

You two amateurs are getting punched in your little glass jaws!

I'm the greastest athlete ever, you guys are down for the count,

'Cause both of ya'll just got knocked the fuck out!

Who Won?

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