Boudicca vs William Wallace

Boudicca vs William Wallace. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 18-2


William Wallace VS Boudicca
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The 18th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Scottish rebel, William Wallace, against Celtic female warrior, Boudicca. It was uploaded April 18th, 2013.


Jacob S. as William Wallace

Molly Brown as Boudicca


William Wallace:Edit

Let's start this Boudicca, I hope you're ready for a war!

'Cause this'll go down in history as the Defeat of the Iceni Whore!

I fight with passion, with gall, with pride in my heart!

My army will charge fast than a cheetah and knock down your ramparts!

For almost an entire millienium, nobody cared about you, you just got forgot,

Isn't that sad, considering all those battles that you fought?

I'm a legend, a giant, a hero, you're just a sissy little queen,

I'll dethrone you, cut you, flog you, stab you, all for liberty!


You think you're a better fighter mister? Well you clearly ain't!

I'll off out your nuts and wipe off that ugly ass face paint!

Nobody messes with the Celtic queen, i'll burn your army down!

I'm straight up royalty, you're just a clown not worth a crown!

Whoa whoa whoa, William Wallace, you say that i'm the whore?

I guess you don't know what the brain is for!

One fell swoop, and you'll hang on to your life by a thread!

If you think you can slay me, you've clearly lost your head!

William Wallace:Edit

Cut the sass girl, are you leaking bodily fluids?

You need to get out of here, and take your headhunters and druids!

You wanna behead me? Ha! In your dreams!

The only thing your culture represents is a basketball team!

You can't mess with me and get away without paying a toll,

Did you even care if your soldiers died? Course not, you don't have a soul!

I'll end your life, and make sure you don't even twitch!

Then I'll scribble on your tombstone, "Here lies one crazy bitch!"


If you were a true gentleman, you'd refer to me as ma'am,

At least I'm not crazy enough to eat the lungs of a lamb!

You don't have balls, Groundsweeper Willy, not one, not two!

Even Joan of Arc has more masculinity than you!

With your skrit and ugly beard, you look like a jock,

We'll have a re-run of your death when I chop off your head and your cock!

You best start running like a bitch before you're captured,

Here's one for the history books, you suck, Sir!

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