Caligula VS George III
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George III vs Caligula. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 16


The 16th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features Roman dictator Caligula versus British mad George III. It was uploaded April 4th, 2013.


Tristen Duperre as Caligula

Jacob S. as George III



Oh lookie here, a Brit fresh outta his reign,

Tell the world you can beat me? You'll be diagnosed as insane!

You little old lunatic, with his hair so unkept,

Historians will mark this up as an assassination attempt!

I'm the original mad ruler, you're just a blood sucking freak!

I've got the best technique, and can make you shriek, just ask the Greeks!

I'm a god, tell me George, why haven't you bowed down?

When I'm done with ya', why don't you go back to talking to the clouds?

George III:Edit

By God, Caligula, man up and behave!

I'll stab you with 30 lyrics and dump you into a grave!

The cruelest form of torture is hearing the rhymes you spat!

While you sat on your ass, with your horse as a diplomat!

You're a bloody scoundrel, you cocked up when you said you would win,

I'll behead you like they did to Henry's wife, Anne Boleyn!

You bisexual, ugly, rapist, washed up, wally,

I recommend some therapy before you try again to kill the sea!


Aww, how cute, mommy must be so happy,

That she gave birth to this monster with rhymes oh so crappy!

You'll surrender to me like you did in 1785,

Sixty years of you? Oh God, I don't know how anyone survived!

George III:Edit

You should talk, I'm the one who has to rap against Little Boot!

You're such a weirdo, I'm surprised you don't bathe in your own poop!

My breakdowns? Cause by nothing other than your rhymes,

I'll make you give up and shut up, every frigging time!

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