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Vlad the Impaler vs Ivan the Terrible. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 15


Vlad the Impaler VS Ivan the Terrible
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The 15th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It has Transylvanian torturer Vlad the Impaler versus Russian dictator Ivan the Terrible. It was uploaded March 28th, 2013.


Jacob S. as Ivan the Terrible

Nathan Provost as Vlad the Impaler


Vlad the Impaler:Edit

Ah, Ivan the Terrible, we meet at last,

I have a fondness for torture, so better start running fast!

I stuck sharp shit into people, so they called me the Impaler,

You gave your daughter a miscarriage? Ha! What a failure!

One more word out of you, and you'll be hung, drawn, and quartered,

More people look up to me, and I'm three inches shorter!

People will laugh as Vlad TPs your castle, it'll be great,

You've got no where to go, Grand Prince. Checkmate!

Ivan the Terrible:Edit

I'm the Tsar of all the Russians from Moscow to Wallachia!

You've only rapped one verse, and your audience already hates ya'!

Maybe you're just jealous 'cause I get so many chicks,

And that look on your face says, "I want to suck Ivan's dick"!

I'll unleash my wrath on you while sitting on an ivory throne,

You'd better watch out, I'm still sane enough to pwn!

If I can turn a state into an empire, I can turn you into pulp!

You say you're not scared of me? Well then what was that gulp?

Vlad the Impaler:Edit

Your rhymes are what's Terrible, Mr. Paranoid Prick,

No sane man would ever try to mess with my clique!

I'm the scary one here, yes, Bram Stoker chose right,

The new, less stupid, cause of death will be a vampire bite!

Ivan the Terrible:Edit

And a sane man would also never believe in that shit!

Hearing you rap is a pain in the neck, ha, get it?

You suck, if I were you I would escape into the night real quick,

Squeal pig, admit it, your ass just got kicked!

Who Won?

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