Emperor Nero VS King Tutankhamen
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King Tut vs Emperor Nero. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 14


The 14th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features the ruthless Roman Emperor Nero against the boy-King Tutankhamen. It was uploaded March 20th, 2013.


Jacob S. as King Tutankhamen

Justin Buckner as Emperor Nero


Emperor Nero:Edit

Tut tut little boy, you can't defeat me!

I'll use your body as a candle after I make you kiss my feet!

Then I'll fiddle away while your figure turns to ash,

And proceed to ask my servants to take out the trash!

What are you doing kid? You're way too young for this job,

You're just an ugly little brat, you're no teenage heartthrob!

I'll dispose of you like the truly evil man that I am!

But what went wrong? ALL the flaws in your life, damn!

King Tutankhamen:Edit

When I found out I was going to battle you, I was like, "What?",

Prepare to feel the power of the Curse of King Tut!

I'll cook you on a stove, make you yummy, you dummy!

I'm watching over Egypt while you're crying for your mummy,

You know, you and that faggot Caligula would make a good couple,

You just sit your lazy ass on a throne while your weight quintuples!

Don't just lie there like a bitch telling guys to kill your sister,

Just surrender bro, come on, it ain't no tongue twister!

Emperor Nero:Edit

I could surrender, but the rapping world would lose some talent,

You didn't even fight your own battles, I wouldn't call you gallant!

I shouldn't kill my sister eh? Well you had sex with yours!

Step down from that throne and get back to doing your chores!

King Tutankhamen:Edit

I get it dude, I'm young, let's move on,

At schools they teach about me, the memory of you is gone!

Stop hating on Christians man, so what if God made you ugly?

I'm done dissing you, so I'll go and cuddle with Pomppaea, snugly.

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