Ben Franklin VS Leonardo Da Vinci
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The 13th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features revolutionary inventor Ben Franklin against Italian painter and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. It was uploaded March 14th, 2013.


Jacob S. as Ben Franklin

Kevin Krust as Leonardo Da Vinci


Ben Franklin:Edit

I'm the mighty founding father, straight outta Philadelphia City!

He that speaks ill of Benjamin and dies shall recive no pity!

What you seem to be is no more than a retard with a beard,

I'll write up a Declaration of Ass-Whooping, so be very afeard!

Don't complain to me that you can't get a wife, complain to God,

I made Mona Lisa moan-a when I showed her my lightning rod!

Assuredly you shall hang eternally from George's cherry tree,

This'll be your Last Supper, so eat up pussy!

Leonardo Da Vinci:Edit

Speaking of food, your fatass could give every kid in Africa a snack,

I think Poor Richard here's just sad that his Almanack's whack!

Ambassador to France? I'm the Ambassador to your mom's pants!

So you banged my painting, eh? Wouldn't exactly call that romance,

I was the one who thought up the parachute, helicopter, and the tank!

You created the stove and library? Well YOUR inventions stank!

Is there a power on Earth that can erase you? Yes, right here!

If you think you're the better one, you've had a little too much beer!

Ben Franklin:Edit

So what if I drink? I don't paint Virgins on Rocks!

I experiment with science and revolutionize it when opportunity knocks!

I'll stick this key and kite up your ass and wait for a storm,

You'll scream louder than teenage girls in a modern college dorm!

Leonardo Da Vinci:Edit

After we end this battle on this fine afternoon,

I'll use your "armonica" as you call it to play a sweet funeral tune!

Your friends will watch and be happy to see you dead!

Are you embarrassed you lost? Because your face is brick red!

Who Won?

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