Eminem vs Edgar Allan Poe - Epic Rap Battles of History (Parody)01:41

Eminem vs Edgar Allan Poe - Epic Rap Battles of History (Parody)

Eminem VS Edgar Allan Poe
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The 3rd installment of Epic Crap Battles of History.  It features famous American rapper, Eminem, battling against famous American poet, Edgar Allan Poe. It was released March 26th, 2014.


Kevin Krust as Eminem and Edgar Allan Poe




I'm not here to try to cause any harm,

If you stay in your Dream-Land, you're gonna lose your arms!

I'm gonna pick the world up, drop it down from above!

Don't complain about it, because you were shown no love!

So, welcome Mr. Poe! You've entered the Coliseum!

Your old fashioned rhymes belong in your mausoleum,

I'm about to go Berzerk on this washed up poet!

Don't push me, You're Afraid, even though you won't show it!

Edgar Allan Poe:Edit

In Youth I Have Known one rapper I crushed,

Who lost his whole family from death who has brushed,

On his shoulder, time and countless time again,

Don't even try and take me, you're alone with no friends!

I feel the power as I jot down these words on a page,

I'll push you deep in the Earth in your cultural cage!

I'll break your ass faster than your girl, who you adore,

Sing the words of these mockingbirds, "Evermore, evermore".


You've gotta lose yourself, in the moment of every song!

If you think that you could beat me, then you're dead wrong!

I'm not scared of you because you're just a blast from the past,

I'd walk way more than 8 Miles to come and kick your ass!

Edgar Allan Poe:Edit

Show some respect, because you're talking to a spirit of the dead,

If you think that you could beat me, you've been sorely mislead!

I'm spitting rhymes so hot, that it'll leave you with a fever,

Who cares if you're a "Rap God", if I'm a non-believer?

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