King Arthur vs Luke Skywalker - Epic Rap Battles of History (Parody)

King Arthur vs Luke Skywalker - Epic Rap Battles of History (Parody)

King Arthur VS Luke Skywalker
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The 2nd battle in Epic Crap Battles of History. It features the British legend, King Arthur against Luke Skywalker, main character of the last movies of Star Wars. it was uploaded October 31st, 2012.


Kevin Krust as Luke Skywalker and King Arthur


King Arthur:Edit

Back to the Round Table with my news of victory!

You're a nerd celebrity! I'm a known part of history!

Why do you even try? Your dis raps are fail!

You made out with your sister while I searched for the Holy Grail!

Try and stop me! I'm King Arthur of Camelot,

You were in one movie saga, now you think you're all hot!

Your puny little light-stick could never beat Excalibur!

So when it comes to rapping, Luke, I am your father!

Luke Skywalker:Edit

I'm sorry Arthur, you novice! You won't get far!

My raps hit harder than a laser from the Death Star!

I saved the galaxy, you pulled a sword from a stone,

I'll rap so hard, even Han will say "You got owned!"

I'll beat you faster than the Millenium Falcon,

I'll burn you so bad that everyone will call you Anakin!

I may be in one saga, but we made billions!

And from the looks of it, you aren't the true King of Britons.

King Arthur:Edit

I think it's very funny that you think you'll win this fight!

I'll cut off your other hand, freeze you in Carbonite!

Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Even your own father doesn't even care about you!

Luke Skywalker:Edit

I searched my feelings, you're losing, how tragic!

I win my battles with real skill,I don't need magic!

I ventured to the stars, and very far beyond!

I'll make you fall harder than the death of Master Obi-Wan!

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