Harry Potter vs Harry Houdini - Epic Rap Battles of History (Parody)

Harry Potter vs Harry Houdini - Epic Rap Battles of History (Parody)

Harry Houdini VS Harry Potter
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The 1st battle of kevinkrust's Epic Crap Battles of History. It features J.K Rowling's famous wizard Harry Potter against the expert escape artist Harry Houdini to decide the better magic Harry. It was uploaded May 16th, 2012.


Kevin Krust as Harry Potter and Harry Houdini


Harry Houdini:Edit

Abra-Kadabra! You stupid, messed up, little wizard,

Your pathetic appearance is even worse than I had pictured,

You grew up with your aunt and uncle Dersley? How sad!

It's too bad that you didn't have a Mommy or a Dad!

Sorry Harry Potter, but your time has finally come,

Where you've meet an opponent who leaves Hermoine looking dumb,

So sorry! Go back to playing Quittich on your broomstick,

and leave all the hard work to The Ministry of Magic!

Harry Potter:Edit

Dumbledore has told me to bring you this prophecy,

How in the end of this battle I will have gained my victory,

You seem to remind me a little of Professor Snape,

You're very powerful inside but all you do is just escape!

In your final act you were killed by a volunteer,

Really? A punch to the stomach? What, were you rattling with fear?

Rap anything you want! I'll just shoot all them down and own them,

So I can just stand back and scream EXPECTO PATRONUM!

Harry Houdini:Edit

Ha! You think I'm actrually scared of your Patronus?

I'll break your stupid wand and smash your glasses as a bonus,

How are you supposed to think that winning is your fate,

When almost all of your fans aren't even sure if you are straight?!

Harry Potter:Edit

You think you have a chance against the Order of the Pheonix?

Our magic is really real! Not just manipulated physics!

Seriously, man up! And learn magic and crap!

If you wanted to escape, just use the Marauder's Map!

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