Rap Battle 8 - The Grinch vs

Rap Battle 8 - The Grinch vs. Shrek


The 8th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features the prince ogre Shrek against The Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It was uploaded November 1st, 2011.


The Grinch:Edit

Well look at what we got, whatcha gonna do?

You're just like Christmas because I absolutly HATE you,

Yo, just forget about your wish list,

I'll beat you so bad you'll start singing "Where are you Christmas?"

Are you starting to cry? Do I hear a Boo Hoo?

I'll steal this battle like I stole Christmas from Cindy Lou Who!

I'll hang you by your ogre ears from a tree stump,

Just do us all a favor and go back to your swamp!


Well Grinch, in this battle you will fall!

Just like your heart, your dick is two sizes too small!

How many people you've upset? I'm not even counting,

Why don't you just go hide in your cave on that mountain?

Why did you enter this battle if you know you're gonna lose?

You're just a cheap knock-off of Old Man Scrooge!

You're an Ugly, green, holiday snitch,

You make Kim Kardashian look less than a bitch!

The Grinch:Edit

Get ready for my verses, cause I'm about to own ya',

Lord Farquad is the one who should have got Princess Fiona,

Listen to yourself, your rhymes are terrible!

Me and you in this battle isn't even comparable!

How the hell am I supposed to show my respect,

To this ugly ass creature that they call Shrek?

Don't worry bud, as there's nothing left to say,

I'll come down on my sleigh and save the whole entire day!


Listen up, I'm out of this group,

Imma throw you in a pot and make a full serving of Pussy Soup!

I'm the star of the show, I'm the main feature,

You're the one that's classified as an "Ugly ass creature"

Bring it on, I got a whole crew behind me,

It would take years for your whole "Who Crew" to find me,

Mr. Grinch, imma say this one more time,

You'll never be able to compare to my Ogre Worthy Rhymes!


Donkey's comming in to help Shrek out with this chore,

They call me an ass, but I'm really close to kicking yours!

I've never failed once, I always succeed,

Even a princess said I was a nobile steed!

Bring it on Grinch, now what you gonna do?

This rap's like a fraction, cause it's me over you!

We resuced a princess, threw her over our backs,

Now tell me Grinch, can you compare to that?

NO? That's what I thought,

You're a stupid christmas movie no one ever bought!

I can scare you with just one little pinch,

As they always say, you're a mean one Mr. Grinch!

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