Rap Battle 7 - Willy Wonka vs

Rap Battle 7 - Willy Wonka vs. Ronald McDonald


The 7th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features McDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald rapping against chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka. It was uploaded September 20th, 2011.


Willy Wonka:Edit

Ronald McDonald I don't think you understand,

My candy is one of the most popular demands,

No hard feelings, i'm not trying to be rude,

But it would be stupid to put chocolate below fast food,

Your red hair, your yellow vest, I don't know what to say,

By the way, your boss called, the circus is that way,

Your prices are expensive and you don't have any deals,

I'll eat your verses up, call it a Happy Meal!

Ronald McDonald:Edit

They call me Mickey D, and it's not hard to see,

Why most people in this world don't prefer you over me,

Keep eating all that chocolate, and you'll keep getting fatter,

I may look like a clown, but who are you, the Mad Hatter?

You're a weird human being, you're obviously insane,

You're not even old, but you still walk around with a cane,

You versus me? This will not last,

My verses are like my food, 'cause they come fast!

Willy Wonka:Edit

You should've known not to mess with Willy Wonka's army,

I would rather prefer a Beef and Cheese Sandwich from Arby's,

Oh i'm sorry, did that dis sting?

I'll go a few minutes down the road and eat at Burger King,

What are you going to do now, are you gonna go ahead and sue me?

My factory's so popular that they made it into two movies,

Listen Ronald McDonald, I know a little riddle,

I would rather eat shit than one of those horrid looking McGriddles!

Ronald McDonald:Edit

Why would I sue you? It would make your frigid body cry!

You don't have any money, so it would be a worthless try!

I have invented the best food ever made in the world,

You're too busy opening your factory to little boys and little girls,

Your voice is squeaky and high, like an annoying little cricket,

I'll storm into your factory without my golden ticket!

I just tell you the truth, I have never told a lie!

So Willy Wonka, would you like some salts with those fries?

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