Rap Battle 6 - Michael Vick vs

Rap Battle 6 - Michael Vick vs. The Joker

 Basics Edit

The 6th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features Michael Vick, the quarterback for the Philedelphia Eagles, against Batman's archenemy, the Joker. It was uploaded August 20th, 2011.


Michael Vick:Edit

Yo, they call me Michael Vick,

You better watch out 'cause my rhymes are slick,

I'm starting to spit, so hurry up think quick!

Too late, I made your mind sick,

You can't beat me or my hero Batman,

Your face so white, why don't you go and get a sun tan?

You are no competition, step off, I'm the best,

At least I don't wear girl's makeup or a silly purple vest,

I make more money than you just by playing poker,

I'm just joking, damn! They should call me the Joker,

I'll take you on a ride like a roller coaster,

So come give a kiss to my Batmobile Poster!

Yeah, that's right I felt it,

I'm like a car dealer and I just dealt it!

You're walking around like "Oh so mysterious"

Which leaves me with the question, Why so serious?

The Joker:Edit

I'm the Joker and I've robbed millions of banks,

All I use is my little tiny shank,

You battling me is worse than jumping in a shark tank,

See that ship? BOOM! It just sank!

That's right, it's called a bomb,

You probably danced with a dog in your high school senior prom,

They say a dog is a man's best friend?

Shit, you proved them wrong again,

Well, would you look at that,

Just because you're black don't mean you can rap,

I'll take it back, as a matter of fact,

I'll run a lap while you just sit there and laugh throwing your touchdown pass,

No, it's incomplete,

Watch this white villain rhyme on this beat,

Your raps are cold, my raps are warm,

You just bring a drizzle, I bring the whole storm!

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