Rap Battle 4 - Jack Sparrow vs

Rap Battle 4 - Jack Sparrow vs. Harry Potter


The 4th battle in EpicRapBattles10's Rap battles. It features Pirates of the Carribean main character Jack Sparrow versus J.K Rowling's wizard, Harry Potter. It was uploaded June 4th, 2011.


Jack Sparrow:Edit

Yo, check it! My name is Jack Sparrow!

You wouldn't find love if Cupid shot you with an arrow,

I find gold in these treasure chests,

But you're too busy looking at Hermoine's breasts!

I use a sword, making every battle tragic,

You fight wars with just a little wand of magic,

Like seriously Potter, who do you think you are?

I'll leave bigger marks than Lord Voldemort's scar!

Your dick is small and round, just like a penny,

And if you don't believe me, than go and ask Ginny!

You want to battle me? Please be my guest,

I'll ride over you as if I was The Hogwarts Express!

Harry Potter:Edit

When I enter battles, you know I'll never fail,

Just go jump off your ship Jack, and get eaten by a whale,

I'll dis you so hard, you'll have a rapping seizure,

And last time I checked, you don't have a girlfriend either!

With my wand, you will never gety bored,

And he funniest thing is it can kill faster than your sword,

All I have to do is wave my wrist,

No need for swords or punching with fists!

Jack Sparrow:Edit

Oh Harry Potter, stop causing so much commotion,

Just shut up and go drink your stupid magic potion!

Your disses are terrible and your rhymes are bad,

At least I actrually have a Mom and a Dad!

This is your first rap battle I assume?

So do us all a favor and fly away on your broom,

Listen to me Harry, it's time to focus,

Enough of your silly little Hocus Pocus!

Harry Potter:Edit

Jack Sparrow it dosen't seem like you have a clue!

I don't need magic to win a battle over you!

Your hideous face just makes me want to hurl,

More so than your ship you call The Black Pearl,

My disses are so cold, you'll be asking for a coat,

Then i'll throw you overboard, so I hope that you can float!

You're just like a twig, so easy to bend,

I'll show you what it's really like to be at World's End!

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