Rap Battle 3 - Justin Bieber vs

Rap Battle 3 - Justin Bieber vs. Santa Clause

Justin Bieber VS Santa Claus
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The 3rd battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It has famous teen pop star Justin Bieber against the Christmas icon Santa Claus. It was uploaded May 15th, 2011.


Justin Bieber:Edit

I'm a popstar, you're a made-up figure,

And I bet my dick is 20 times bigger,

I sing infront of crowds that always cheer,

You only come around once every year!

I bet you don't even have a mother,

And with that beard you're the white version of Osama's brother!

And every single wish on your Christmas List,

Is a wish for a Justin Bieber Kiss.

Santa Claus:Edit

Your time is up, i've hoped that you had fun,

How is your dick bigger when you don't even have one?

I've heard many stories, but his one is new to me,

For Christmas, you wished you would finally hit puberty!

Stupid little boy, no matter what you say,

You will always be one hundred percent gay,

I have millions of little boys and girls as friends,

But i'm never gonna deliver to your house again!

Justin Bieber:Edit

Santa Claus, I just thought you should know,

You will never in your life get a hoe, hoe, hoe!

I don't even want to see Mrs. Claus,

She's probably uglier than the Shark from Jaws!

Everybody already knows that you're fake,

And when you get up to walk, you cause an earthquake,

People get lost inside your jelly roll,

And you want your elves to suck on your dirty South Pole!

Santa Claus:Edit

Santa Claus is here to end this shit!

When you have your period, you need a First Aid Kit!

In school dodgeball, you probably get pegged,

And I saw that video at your concert when you got egged!

Nobody wants to hear your high-pitched voice,

They would rather die if they had a choice,

I'm saying this for a very good cause,

Think twice, before you fuck with Santa Claus!


Wait a minute, what is Justin Bieber doing? He's gone into his studio, tuned autotune up and... Oh No... cover your ears!

Justin Bieber (Autotuned):Edit

The fans love me, so i'll add another verse,

If you're such a role model, then why did you just curse?

Is that a sack, or is that your purse?

The more I go on, your raps get worse!

Santa Claus (Autotuned):Edit

That's right, Santa has Autotune too,

I have a much bigger and badder crew,

The ladies love me more than you,

How many rappers have beat me?

Very few (4X)

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